1. Application forms will be made available in January.
  2. Applications will be due to the Promise Zone by March 1 of each year (or the following business day if that date falls on a weekend).
  3. Initial determination of eligibility and notification of Promise Zone Scholarship award will be made by June 30.

2018 Promise Zone Scholarship Application


Final Documentation:

By June 30 of each year, students will be required to submit final documentation, such as their college email address, acceptance of award and college acceptance letter. For homeschool students, a high school transcript signed by parent as true and accurate and a copy of the students SAT scores are required.  Please use the Documentation Submission Form to send documents after you have submitted your application.


For students wishing to appeal the eligibility decision of the Promise Zone Board, an Appeal Request Form must be submitted to Promise Zone Board no later than:
August 1 (Fall Semester)
December 1 (Winter Semester)
May 1 (Summer Semester)


Annually, students will be expected to renew their eligibility by completing a new Acceptance of Award form. Renewal forms will be sent by email for students to complete.  Forms are due by June 30 of each year for the coming academic year.



Questions: Call 231.924.8888 or email